The car that sunk in the Likoni Channel over a week ago has been retrieved amid challenging conditions underwater.

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State of the art equipment including robots fitted with cameras were brought to bear on the recovery operation.

Government officials had reported on Wednesday that the car had been sighted and its number plate confirmed as that belonging to Mariam Kighenda, who sunk with her daughter Amanda Mutheu.

The development will come as a relief to the family members of the victims of the freak accident that happened on a Sunday evening.

Efforts to recover the car had been plagued with a bewildering array of challenges including poor visibility, deadly creatures and strong undercurrents.

There have been conflicting reports about how long the car stayed afloat before going under with some people saying that it stayed afloat for up to 20 minutes.

Government officials say they have CCTV footage that shows that the car did not stay for 20 minutes but for 2 minutes and have challenged anyone with footage showing that it took 20 minutes to come forward.

A multi-agency team took up the challenge of retrieving the bodies amid growing impatience among the public with the pace at which the recovery efforts were recovering.