Deep-sea diving for search, recovery and rescue operations are very challenging. 

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Divers who want to go into extremely deep waters need a particular set of items to be successful in their operation. 

More so, it requires divers who are experienced and well trained to go into the deep sea for recovery or rescue missions. 

Recently, there was a car that submerged at the Indian Ocean at the Likoni Channel, killing a woman and her daughter. Until now, recovery operations are still underway. 

There are various items needed for such recovery missions. Here are some of the items needed for deep-sea recovery operations:

1. Dive Computer

A dive computer helps in calculating the no-decompression limits. Mainly, people who go beyond this limit get decompression sickness, and they might succumb to death while in the waters. However, this computer will help guide your way through the waters. 

2. First Aid Kit

First Aid kits are needed everywhere. Divers to experience accidents and they need to take care of it while in the water. Thus, they carry a first aid kit. The kit carries a number of items that can be used in case of an emergency while underwater. 

3. Dive Knives

A dive knife is very useful for deep-sea diving. The knife helps a diver to cut themselves loose in case they are trapped by sea plants. More so, the knives are used by divers to sound an alarm to their colleague divers. Hitting the knife on the oxygen tank will make a noise to alert the next diver. 

4. Underwater Lights

It should be noted that going down into the sea is dark. Therefore, divers need something to light their way down. They make use of underwater lights illuminate their way. More so, such light can be used in caves or cracks when searching for things. 

5. Depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge and compass

Oceans and seas are very deep. There are certain limits one is supposed to go at a particular time. Therefore, divers need to have a depth gauge to that will tell them how deep they have gone. 

They also need a pressure gauge to know the pressure against them at certain depths. A compass will help them to know their direction in the sea. 

All these items are very important for deep-sea or even cean divers.