Alphonse Kioko known by stage name as Kithungo Raha is one of the leading Kamba Benga singers.

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'Maima' (holes) as he is popularly known has been conquering hearts with his iconic guitar licks and captivating vocals.

In his repertoire, 'Ka main switch', 'Tuendee onesa' and 'wia wakwa' are some of his big tunes ruling the airwaves in all Kamba local TVs and radio stations as well as other media platforms in Kenya.

Together with his ensemble music outfit called Kithungo Boys band, Maima keeps a very busy schedule every day performing in different entertainment zones in major towns and cities. 

Below are some of the things you didn't know about Kithungo Raha;

1. He has 11 albums under his name. 

Some of his albums include 'Ka main switch', 'nína kyathi', 'wi wakwa' and 'Samai ngiti'  among others.

2. Worked for Ken wa Maria's Yatta orchestra.

Maima was Yatta orchestra's guitarist and vocalist before coming up with his band, Kithungo boys band.

They parted ways with Ken wa Maria without any grudges and to date, they are friends and still perform together in different clubs and occasions like Kamba nights.

3. Age

So Maima is only 27 years. He was born in 1992.

4. He is from Kithungo area in Makueni county.

That's why his band is Kithungo boys band. Kamba Benga artists name their bands according to where the villages or areas they come from.

In case you didn't know, now you know.