Police have launched investigations into a case in which a 28-year-old woman died after being allegedly pushed out of a moving Killeton Sacco Matatu. 

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In a CCTV footage shown in a Citizen TV report, the woman, Florence Wanjiru is seen boarding the Matatu at Yongli Casino in Hurlingham. 

Her family was later on in the evening called by a good Samaritan who claimed Florence had sustained serious injuries after being involved in an accident.

“So we followed them to St. Francis. When we reached there, X-ray photos of her were taken. That is when they told us that they were incapable of handling her (So tuliwafwata mpaka St. Francis. Tulipofika pale moto akapigwa picha X-ray na whatever. Hapo na hapo ndio wakatuambia hawaezani na huyo mtoto ),” John Chege, the uncle to Florence Wanjiru, told Citizen TV.

According to Beatrice Wanjiru, the mother to the deceased, her daughter revealed to her that a tout had hit her by a blunt object before pushing her out of a moving bus.

“She called me mum, mum, mum these people, the tout hit me with metal on the head and then threw me out. That’s all she told me (Akaniita ‘Mum, mum, mum haki hawa watu huyo conductor alinipiga na chuma hapa kwa kichwa na akanirusha nje, hivyo u ndio alisema),” the mother narrated.

Police have since arrested the driver of the matatu as a manhunt for the tout who ushered the late Florence Wanjiru into the bus continues.