Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale now says the Senate impeachment proceedings of Ferdinand Waititu is time-barred.

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Senate failed to hold timely proceedings for the impeachment of Waititu, forcing a possible violation of the law.

Already, Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has set January 21st as the date for the deliberations of the matter.

 Lusaka now says that the House will convene for a special sitting on January 21 to discuss the impeachment.

“The leader of majority has written to me proposing January 21, 2020 for the special sitting. He is now collecting signatures from Senators to make the meeting a reality,”  Lusaka said.

However, Khalwale now wants the matter to be reintroduced again at the assembly, arguing that it's now time-barred.

He says that it's only the assembly which can handle the matter given that the Senate had delayed in executing its function.

"Unfortunately this impeachment is already time barred. Alternative is for him to be reimpeached by the Kiambu C. Assembly," he said.

Should the special sitting take place as instructed by Lusaka, the matter could raise serious legal questions that could, after all, have Senate penalised.