Pregnancy is a nine-month period but the most terrible one. 

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You can crave for something but the moment it is brought to you, you will never even taste it. During this period, one is expected to take a lot of fluids especially juices because of the nutrients and fibre contained in them.

Pregnant women are advised to drink as plenty of the following juices as they can;

Beetroot juice

This kind of juice is good for all people but is the best to pregnant women due to the contents in them. It contains iron which is good for the production of red blood cells. The more the production of red blood cells, the more the level of haemoglobin hence low risk of anaemia.

Orange juice

Orange juice is full of vitamin C which is essential in boosting the immune system of the pregnant mother. It also moisturizes the skin and makes it glow and shine always.

Strawberry juice

Strawberry juice is among the juices that are good in boosting the immunity of pregnant mother and that of the unborn child. It also enables the heart to function normally.

Carrot juice

Carrots juice is known as one of the nutritious juice during pregnancy. It contains beta-carotene, vitamins C and A which are needed by pregnant women. It also contains calcium which is essential in the formation of bones of the newborn baby.