The Kenya Judiciary has disowned reports on twitter indicating that judges are planning a go-slow to protest refusal by the government to approve budgets and promotions among other things.

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In a tweet on Tuesday morning, the Judiciary noted that there is nothing like a go-slow planned. 

''The Judiciary has no idea of the go-slow alleged by a tweet on social media. We take great exception to the perpetration of such malicious propaganda. In any case, the Judiciary budget is approved by Parliament and not by any other Arm of Government,'' said the Judiciary. 

This comes after Nairobi-based blogger Robert Alai came out through twitter claiming that judges have planned a go-slow. 

However, Alai didn't reveal when the go-slow will happen. 

''A go-slow in the judiciary planned. Judges are protesting sabotage by President Uhuru who is refusing to approve budgets, promotions among other things,'' said Robert Alai.

The Judiciary has been on the spot in recent months for lack of proper service delivery to Kenyans. 

On their part, they have decried lack of various things from the government which has diminished their service delivery. 

The Judiciary is among the top important arms of government that should be taken seriously in the country. It helps clean various undoing in society and keep the law intact.