After the first failure of a marriage, it is not a big deal seeing the same spouse getting back together. 

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Divorced couples remarry due to many reasons. 

Here are some of the reasons why people remarry after going through a divorce;

1. Single life was unsatisfying and difficult

After divorce, the one thing that brings couples back in a marriage is a lack of satisfaction. When single life turns up to be difficult, the ex-couples might reconsider to remarry.

2. You have forgiven and/or forgotten the things your spouse did wrong

Ex-couple may end up remarrying when they decide to forgive each other on the bad things that they did earlier in marriage.

3. You realized you made a huge mistake

If you were the one on the wrong, accepting your mistakes and work on seeking forgiveness is another thing that would bring back divorced couples.

4. You never fell out of love

As said, love conquers all the odds. Similar to marriages, divorced people can decide to remarry when they have proven that it’s difficult for them to fall out of love.

5. You divorced for stupid reasons

If the reasons for your divorce were not concrete, you may end up remarrying each other again just after realizing it.