Barely a week after Hivi Sasa highlighted a case of overflowing sewage at the Kisii town Hospital Roundabout, The Gusii Water and Sanitation Company has unblocked the sewage.

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Traders and boda boda operators had accused relevant authorities of laxity risking their lives despite reports to them over the spillage. 

The GWASO Director Osborn Nanga told HiviSasa that the owner of the building was summoned by the town authorities over the issue. 

"The owner was summoned and all shops were closed immediately. We moved with speed and called our team who unblocked the sewage and now the area is conducive," he said.

The Municipal Director Mengo Ochwang sent a warning to building owners within the town to corporate with GWASCO so that such does not repeat itself in the near future.

"We are in a serious town. All building owners within the town Must work together with GWASCO officers. I call upon traders and residents to always report to us such issues and we will act immediately. We don't want to experience this in the future," said Mengo.

Sewage lines which were built in the colonial era have been a major challenge in Kisii Town due to increasing population.