A few months ago, the story of a stowaway whose body fell from a moving plane in London hit global headlines.

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Not much was forthcoming at the time about the identity of the man beyond his Kenyan nationality and gender.

After days of blustery coverage, everybody forgot about the story and went on with their lives.

An investigative report by Sky News Africa's correspondent John Sparks has revisited the incident, digging deeper to establish more details about the man beyond the generalities.

The investigative report saw a senior reporter of the global news outlet travel all the way from England to Kenya.

According to the report, the man has been identified as Paul Manyasi, 29, who hails from Kakamega in the Western Kenya region.

He plied his trade as an airport cleaner.

Isaac Manyasi and Janet Manyasi are the parents of the stowaway who lost his life in pursuit of greener pastures.

The Sky News team showed the couple some items that were recovered from the stowaway including a bag and underpants.

The two recognised the items as belonging to their son.

Their poor background means that they do not have the money to cater for the expenses of transporting the body to Kenya.

The girlfriend of Paul Manyasi told Sky News that the two had been planning to have a family together before he made the decision that took away his life.