Homa Bay Town Member of Parliament Peter Kaluma has claimed that Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and Senate Minority Leader James Orengo are earning money for positions that do not exist.

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Speaking on Tuesday during a wide-ranging panel discussion on NTV's Sidebar show, the Homa Bay legislator contended that the constitution envisaged only two legislators to serve as majority and minority leaders in Parliament.

According to him, having a total of four minority and majority leaders, two in the National Assembly and two in the Senate, was unconstitutional.

Distilled to its essence, Kaluma's argument was that the National Assembly and the Senate should share the minority and majority leaders.

"What I am saying Murkomen has been earning taxpayers' money in a position which does not exist. Who is the leader of the minority in the Senate currently? James Orengo, earning taxpayers' money on a position which does not exist," Kaluma said.

The Homa Bay legislator's remarks come amid a raging supremacy battle pitting the Senate against the National Assembly.

A section of members of parliament wants the Senate scrapped, arguing that its duties are redundant.

Senators have, on their part, strongly rejected suggestions to have the Senate done away with, saying that it plays a very significant role in ensuring that counties function smoothly and that funds allocated are properly utilised.