Kisii County Woman Representative Janet Ong’era has called on police to speed up a probe into the incident in which a man was killed by people suspected to be his family members in Iringi village, South Mugirango and buried in a pit latrine. 

It is suspected the man was killed because of land inheritance row.

Speaking on Friday when she delivered a 10,000 litres reservoir water tank to Riabamanyi primary school in Bobaracho ward, Nyaribari Chache, the vocal lawmaker said police should not leave the killers to walk scot-free. 

Ong'era also called on members of the public to tolerate each other for the purpose of maintaining peace, unity and harmony.

“It is sad that our people have developed selfishness to the extent of murdering others just to inherit land. The Iringi village incident should be probed thoroughly and all those who participated in the brutal murder be brought to book,” she noted.

 The legislator further appealed to residents to stop depending too much on land inheritance given that the sizes of lands in Kisii are diminishing. 

She, however, called on residents to involve local government representatives such as chiefs when faced with land inheritance disagreements. 

“Slaughtering of people because of land inheritance must stop. Residents across Kisii should involve local chiefs, elders and Nyumba Kumi officials to solve land-related issues,” said the Woman Rep.