Ever wondered why your eyes hurt when staring at a computer? Do you get a headache, blurred vision or burning itchy eyes when using a computer? Well, the condition is known as eye strain and is caused when eyes remain in a fixed position for longer than usual. 

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Naturally, our eyeballs turn inside the eye socket getting soaked in tears that help lubricate the eyeballs and ease pressure on the eye muscles. Additionally, the natural use of eyes means that the eye muscles are not being forced to remain in a particular position for too long.

 Staring at a computer screen for long makes the eyeballs move less which means that the eyeballs get less moisture from tears in the eyes a condition that makes the eyes dry and itchy according to Mayo Clinic.

Additionally, the fixed posture forces the eye muscles to stay stressed for longer than usual and all these cause headaches as eye muscles are within the skull area.

The following steps can help ease eye strain due to computer use; 

1. Blink frequently to refresh your eyes

You might not notice it but we blink less when using computers. Blinking helps generate tears that moisten and refresh the eyes.

2. Take a break from looking at the computer monitor. 

It is suggested that after 20 minutes take your eyes off the screen for 20 minutes.

3. Adjust lighting to optimum

Adjusting lighting will help reduce computer glare that strains your eyes. For instance, use blinds and avoid placing the monitor directly in front of a window.

4. Adjust computer monitor position

It is recommended that your position the monitor to be at par with your eye level.

 5. Adjust screen settings

Adjust screen magnification, font type, theme, and graphic resolution to attain eye comfort