Greenpeace Africa, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which has been petitioning the government to stop the importation of harmful chemicals on Wednesday interrupted Agriculture PS Hamadi Boga's speech during the marking of World Food Day.

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The group carrying placards interrupted the speech on several occasions calling for a total ban on chemicals especially those have been banned in foreign countries.

The PS, however, continued with the speech saying the government is working on removing the tax on imported farm inputs in a bid to boost food production, says Agriculture PS Hamadi Boga.

Boga who spoke at Kwa Kathoka, Makueni county said that the government is working with Kenya Revenue Authority and the Treasury to ensure farm inputs getting in the country from abroad are not taxed.

"We have realized that Kenya is the only country taxing farm inputs and we are working on doing away with it. We will keep pushing until we get a concurrence with the treasury. We want farmers to be competitive in food production," said the PS.

Speaking at the same event, Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana urged residents to revert to traditional foods.

He termed the foods as nutritious and healthy compared to modern foods.

Kibwana also criticized those who perceive traditional foods as for the poor.

"We should go back to foods like pulses, yams, sorghum, cassava, pumpkins, wild vegetables among others which are more nutritious, he said.