More than seven years ago, Loliondo Village in Tanzania became an instant hit internationally, after one Ambilikiwe Mwasapile alias Babu claimed that he had the ability to heal various diseases among them HIV/AIDS.

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He claimed patients were to be healed by taking a cup of a concoction, whose ingredients were only known to him. 

One of the people who trooped to Loliondo for the ‘miraculous heeling’ is Peter Ouma, a lecturer at Rongo University in Migori County.

“I thought with HIV now once I take Babu’s cup I am done. At 5 O’clock on the 17th of June 2011, I joined the 16 guys both women and men I remember quite a number of women than men in the vehicle. So we traveled up to Loliondo,” the University don told Citizen TV.

He added, “When we arrived at Loliondo, there was a fleet of vehicles so in order to avoid the jam of individuals reaching to Babu for the drink, the rule was you take the cup within the vehicle."

After getting his dose of the concoction, the university don stopped taking Antiretroviral (ARVs) drugs for three weeks which took a toll on his health.

“Tuberculosis hit me hard so I had to treat it because if you do not treat TB it will finish you,” he said. 

After sometime, he went to three different Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centers (VCT) to confirm his status. He was HIV/AIDS positive all through even after taking Babu’s potion.

According to other patients who visited Babu in Loliondo, a cup of the concoction costed Ksh20, 000 but they never got the healing they were seeking for.