Marriage requires teamwork and by this I mean it requires both partners to put in the effort to make things work. A good wife will allow you to enjoy your marriage life.

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Here are five qualities of a good wife.

1. She expresses her love for you

A loving wife knows how to express what she feels for you. She doesn't hide her feelings nor does she hide her emotions for you. She can express this through kisses, hugs and pecks and ensuring you are happy and comfortable.

2. She communicates

A good wife understands the importance of communication in marriage. If your woman is open to discussing important issues rather than keeping quiet about them then she is actually the best. A few women understand how important communication is in marriage. 

3. She struggles to make you a better man

You know she is the best you ever wanted if she struggles to make you better today than you were tomorrow. She shares her wise ideas with you and advises you on your planned ventures and so on; this is a quality of a noble woman. 

4. She gets along with your family and friends

If she connects with your family and friends then you don't have to doubt her because she is loyal to you. A good wife will try her level best to get along with your family and friends.

5. She's got respect for you

The best gift you can ever get from your woman is respect. A woman who respects you cherishes and values you. She won't embarrass you in public nor will she disvalue your opinions.