Former Lagdera MP Farah Maalim has heaped praise on former retired President Mwai Kibaki.

Maalim argues that Kibaki is the only true leader the country has ever had since independence.

On Sunday, the former National Assembly Deputy Speaker took to his Twitter handle to praise the retired president who served Kenyans for ten years as the Head of State.

He said, "Politicians worry only on how to raise enough funds for the next election and statesmen/women worry on how to raise living standards of the citizenry beginning with future generations and the vulnerables."

The former MP added, "Kibaki was the only Statesman who ruled Kenya. The rest politicians."

Maalim has been vocal castigating elected leaders for engaging in early 2022 campaigns.

The former MP says it is wrong for politicians to start early campaigns when Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet.

Maalim has even warned that Jubilee government might not achieve her development goals if politicians go on with early campaigns.

He has several times asked president Uhuru Kenyatta to call politicians to order in efforts to secure his 2022 legacy.

The race for 2022 general election continue to take center stage as politicians prepare to contest seats of their choice.