A primary school in Bobasi Constituency, Kisii County is a disaster waiting to happen. 

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At least six classrooms at Riambase Primary, in Nyamache Sub-county, have their walls hanging on a thin thread of broken cement. 

The learners have been learning under the mercy of the classes' roof that has not let so much water soak into the extensively cracked walls.  But the situation only puts the students in the ruthless hands of death, one that recently struck Precious Talent School in Nairobi.

To make matters worse, the school was built several decades ago along what is no doubt riparian land. It is not strange that the authorities back then permitted its construction and even now allow much heavier buildings to be put up at the adjacent Riambase DEB Secondary school.

            Riambase Primary school rests right next to a river on loose cotton soil [Source/James Ong'era]

"We have complained about the situation at this school for a long time. It is risky having our children school under walls that can for sure fall on them at any time. We are appealing to have the students temporarily moved to the secondary school section because of the six classrooms that are in a bad state,"  a parent told Hivisasa on Friday morning.

The school board of management chairman Mr Jason Abere in a passionate appeal to the national government held that the constituency development fund may not sufficiently salvage the situation.

He said the administration offices were the first to be vacated, grounding most of the school operations. According to Abere, they had been given the notice by the county public health department to vacate and move all students to the nearby schools by October 14, 2019.


        On Thursday, pupils at Riambase Primary held peaceful demonstrations within the school compound appealing for evacuation [Source/James Ong'era]

With the heavy rains in the area, Mr Abere says the ground on which the school rests gets weekend, one of the reasons he believes most of the buildings were on the verge of collapsing.

"We are required to quickly move the pupils out of this place. Education officials and even the quality assurance officers have been here and it is clear we have no other options but move the students to a safe environment. 

"Currently, some of the learners are learning under trees while a good number are randomly finding a place in the safer classes. We are appealing for help from any well-wishers," appealed Mr Abere.

             Pupils shelter under one of the classrooms at Riambase Primary school [Source/James Ong'era] 

      A crack on one of the classrooms at Riambase Primary School [Source/James Ong'era]