Former Turbo constituency parliamentary aspirant Raymond Kipkosgei has hit out at Kevin Okwara, a 2017 Jubilee candidate for the seat after he claimed that Deputy President William Ruto did not campaign for him.

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Kipkosgei says Okwara's claims against the DP are lies. 

In a statement to Hivisasa in response to the businessman's claims, the political activist in Eldoret said Ruto and the Jubilee party accorded Okwara the support he needed.

“Why would Mr Okwara complain about Deputy President not campaigning for him in 2017, I remember the DP drumming up support and campaigned for Kevin Okwara in 2017. Mr Okwara tell people the truth, stop lying about your campaigns, Jubilee party gave you all the support you need, gave you finances and materials," Kipkosgei said.

Raymond Kipkosgei, a political activist in Eldoret. [Source/Raymond Kipkosgei]

He further noted that Okwara who lost to the current MP Janet Siteinei, an independent candidate, should stop tribal politics and concentrate on his business.

"If he lost an election in turbo constituency that means people of Turbo Constituency voted on one voice, not on tribal lines," noted the political activist.

Okwara recently blamed the loss to lack of support from the Jubilee team and questioned the motive behind DP Ruto's support for Mariga yet he turned his back on him in Turbo, his home constituency.

However, according to Kipkogei, the Eldoret businessman has no say in the Luhya votes in Kibra. 

"Kevin Okwara has no say with Luyha people in Kibra. Kibra people need change and need Mariga to bring in change and development to Kibra constituency," he noted.