It is very crucial to take note of the type of meat you buy from your local butchery. Some of the meat you purchase will not taste as good as you expected. Most people do not take into consideration where they buy their meat or how it is handled before purchasing.

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Here are three things your butcher won't tell you.

1. Fattier meat tastes better

Most people prefer meat without fat but the butchers will never disclose to you that meat with fat is sweeter than that without. This is because the fat gives your meat its succulent flavour making it sweeter.

2. They do a lot of window dressing

Butchers will do all they can to keep the meat appealing to customers. They will take away any part of the meat that appears unusual, as well as remove the fatty parts and dab off the blood to attract customers.

3. Do not be fooled by the packaging

Most people only look at the packaging dates on the meat they wish to purchase. Some of the information may not be visible thus it is important to ask for help on the information indicated on the pack. It is also important to note that some of the dates indicated might not be genuine as some butchers use preservatives to keep the meat from turning brown.