A private hostel that was next and opposite to Rongo University has collapsed trapping an unknown number of people.

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The building which was under construction, collapsed at around 10.00 a.m on Tuesday as workers were on-site among other people forcing them to run for safety while trapping some inside.

According to a witness Evelyne Aluoch, a Rongo university student who was at the scene as the time of the incident, there was a scare as one person jumped from the first floor to save his life.

"As people were running for safety, one man jumped from the top and injured himself badly. He has been rushed to the hospital," Evelyne said.

The area chief Erick Ochieng, confirmed the incident, saying he was called to the scene after the incident occurred.

"I was called urgently and informed that a hostel has collapsed. I have examined closely and one person can be seen trapped inside. However, we have not known the exact number of the people trapped inside and if there are students too who were trapped," the chief said.

The workers and their foremen were nowhere to be seen after the incident occurred as some residents claimed the building was built with substandard materials.

The owner of the hostel who is said to be Mr Mark Abong'o, an employee in Migori County Government, has since not made any public address since the occurrence of the incident.

As per the reports from a student of Rongo University, Abong'o owns another hostel called St. Philips hostel that also has cracks, but students are still residing in it.

The policemen arrived at the scene a few minutes later and a plan to salvage the people trapped inside has been said to be underway.