Residents of five areas in Nakuru have raised concerns over the invasion of bedbugs. The five areas include Rhonda estate, Ponda Mali, Flamingo, Lakeview and Mazembe wards. 

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The residents have claimed that efforts to get rid of the bedbugs using pesticides have bore no fruits, causing them sleepless nights. 

The bedbugs have created homes in the couches and beds of the residents, and have become resistant to all the known methods of eradicating them.

"These bedbugs are making us suffer. We do not have peace in the house. When the night comes we scratch ourselves. Please, the government, we are suffering. (Jamani kunguni imetuhangaisha. Hatuna amani mpaka kwa nyumba. Ikifika usiku tunajikuna, jamani serikali, tunahangaika)," Elizabeth Auma, a resident of Rhonda estate, told Citizen TV.

The residents are now worried that with each passing day the menace will worsen. 

An expert has explained that the bedbugs are resistant to most of the insecticides in the market.

"Bedbugs are resistant to most of the insecticides that are in the market because of reuse and using the insecticides in the wrong way," he stated.

2, 492 cases of bedbug infestation have been reported in different parts of Nakuru town since November after a bedbug reporting application was launched by the county government.