Two local legilators were on Tuesday blocked from accessing County Assembly following their unending court battle that has lasted for several years.

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Ms Irene Mayaka and Damaris Mouni we're denied access into the assembly, with Speaker Moffat Teya saying he was still waiting for official communication from IEBC.

"Mouni has a court order that requests for time for her appeal while Mayaka also has several court orders and IEBC letter, which wasn't signed though," director of legal services David Ombego noted.

And as such, he added, the speaker has no option other than to ensure no law is violated in the process thus the decision to block both from accessing the assembly.

"It would have been unreasonable to allow one of them. But I am sure the matter will be concluded very soon. Most of it has been handled by courts so it's just a few issues the speaker needs to get clarification on."

Ms Irene Mayaka was first to arrive but was blocked by the clerk of the assembly. For Mouni, she chose to express her dissatisfaction by encouraging her supporters to protest outside the assembly.

While Mouni has been attending assembly sessions for over a year, the courts have established that she was fraudulently nominated although she's not ready to let it go despite having three court rulings going against her.

ODM party accused Mouni of sneaking her name to the list fraudulently, a claim that was established in court. Ms Irene Mayaka is expected to replace her.