Kenyans on social media were on Thursday, Jan 3, 2019 an angry lot after a video of a drunk school girl surfaced.

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The girl was reportedly headed back to school when her love for the bottle saw her take one too many and ended up causing drama.

A woman who knew her was shocked by the turn of events and decided to get hold of her.

In the viral video, the student is heard throwing jabs at curious onlookers shocked by her conduct.

She says that her mother is her role model and comes home drunk hence wondering what is wrong if she too drinks.

It was a shock to many Kenyans on the kind of generation that parents are raising.

“Back to school day 1. She says her mother is her role model. And she asks if her mother loves the bottle that much, why not her? Wazazi tuna kibarua,” philanthropist Ndung’u Nyoro said.

He added: “"If you are a parent and half of your fridge is stocked with alcohol, dont try to tell your kids pombe ni mbaya.”

Many parents were hurt by the video wondering whether that is what every kid gets to every time they step out of their sight.

“This breaks my heart so much!!! May God help us parents to have wisdom and to lead our children into the right path and help them make decisions that are good for them,” Loice Njoroge Ogana.

Here is the viral video