Kapseret member of parliament Oscar Sudi now says they will not allow the committee of experts to be deployed to fine-tune the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

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Through his official Facebook page, he says that that amounts to conmanship and betrayal of Wanjiku.

"As of recommendations by the BBI, let the amendment bill be brought to the floor of the house as early as next Tuesday, we will mobilize all our MPs and pass it very early in the morning," said the Kapseret legislator

"We cannot entertain further idiocy by telling us that oh we need some committee of experts to fine-tune it to a final document then we go for a referendum. That alone amounts to conmanship and betrayal of Wanjiku, " added Sudi.

Sudi further said that the BBI team should give Kenyans a breakdown of how much they spent in preparing the report given that Sh10 billion had been budgeted for them.

He noted that he cannot allow taxpayers to lose more money just to satisfy the egos of a few people who are taking us in circles. 

Sudi, however, said he agrees with 78% of the BBI report, and they should now deal with problems such as economy of the country since Kenyans are broke, and wondering where to get school fees when schools reopen.