Most men do not like to talk about their feelings. The truth is that they are always expressing themselves in different ways which some of us might not relate to.

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Here are five ways men express their feelings.

1. Sincerely listening and responding

A man would prefer to listen quietly to you when you are talking and respond when you are done. A man who will follow the conversation and keenly listen to what you have to say cares about you. 

2. A peck on the neck

Men use innocent and lusty kisses to express how they feel about their partners. Little pecks either on the forehead or the neck shows that a guy adores you so much.

3. Introducing you to the people he cares about

If a guy cares about you and he sees a future with you, he will ensure that you meet the people he cares about such as close family members and friends.

4. Sending cute emojis

Technology has made communication easier and people can now converse by using emojis only. Men have taken advantage of this since they use it anytime they feel the urge to communicate with their partners. It is quite amazing to get a heart-eyed emoji randomly during the day.

5. He makes coffee or dinner for you

If you realise that at times your man insists on making you coffee or dinner, it is a sign he cares about you and knows it is his responsibility to make his woman feel safe and loved.