Dementia is a progressive decline in cognitive function due to damage or disease in the brain beyond what might be expected from normal aging. 

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Areas particularly affected include memory, attention, judgement, language and problem solving.

While the disease might be hard to avert, there are certain lifestyle habits you need to avoid. Good lifestyle habits is key when it comes to warding off some infections, notes  Samuel Mackenzie, MD, PhD, neurologist

Here is what you need to know about preventing this scourge;

1. Exercises should be part of your daily routines.

We all know what exercises can do to our bodies. It is not only healthy but can also be a way of staving off this mental scourge. Doing some press ups or jogging a day can keep the brain in good shape and protect it against emotional and physical damage.

 2. Eat healthy foods 

What you eat today can retrospect on your overall health. Some foods are said to be healthy in nature and can protect the nerve cells and the medulla oblongata from any physical damage. Embrace healthy foods in your life to boost your brain's health.

 3. Stop smoking

Smoking is generally unhealthy and it has been linked to several health complications. Nicotine found in cigarettes can wreck the brain and cause memory loss which, in turn, lead to dementia. Stop smoking to keep your brain functional and as fit as a fiddle.