An Irish preacher who was on Thursday acquitted by a Kisumu court after being arrested for allegedly being in the country illegally, has aired his disappointment.

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Rory Bracken was arrested on February 5 at Kisumu immigration offices when he went to seek the renewal of his tourist visa, and charged with illegally preaching in Kenya.

As he heads back home, he says that his 23 days in prison have cost him a lot, including resulting in his wife, whom he met in Uganda, miscarrying their twins.

“While in prison, my wife whom I left in Uganda as I crossed into Kenya lost our twins in a miscarriage perhaps due to stress. We had just married in January this year,” he said as quoted by Standard.

The 59-year-old said he suffered sickness in prison after failing to raise the Sh200,000 bond, which was later reduced to Sh50,000 before it was paid by his friends.

The preacher at Testify World Ministries in Tullamore, Netherlands, has also accused a preacher from Siaya who invited him to Kenya from Uganda of abandoning him and refusing to testify in his favour in court.

“He gave an unsigned statement to police and later failed to turn up in court to testify,”  he claims.

While releasing him, Kisumu Resident Magistrate Linah Akoth found him innocent, but only after spending three weeks at the Kodiaga Prison.