Boeing is yet to honour its promise to compensate families/ communities of victims of deadly crashes of its 737 MAX planes in Ethiopia and Indonesia. 

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The kin now wants the planemaker to address their grievances a week after it revealed its plans to use $100 million (Ksh.10.3billion) to compensate the affected parties. 

The relatives of the deceased have lamented that the compensation process is taking too long than expected.  

Both the Kenyan and Ethiopian governments insist that they have not received funds from the planemaker. 

On his part, Ethiopian Airlines spokesman Asrat Begashaws said that they are yet to receive formal information as far as compensation is required for the families that lost their loved ones. 

The plane marker has alluded the money would be given to Non-profit making Organizations and local government to enable the families to live a better life. 

The kin is yet to be informed of the criteria the company will use to determine those who deserve compensation as well as those who do not need the same. 

Some of the families have opined that the amount too small to heal the wounds of the death of their loved ones.

Polish citizen Pawel Konarski has asked the planemaker contact all the affected families before compensation. The man lost his wife and son to the accident. 

“The first thing they (Boeing) should do is reach the families to give their condolences,” he said, as quoted by Citizen Digital.

 He also said that the kin needs counseling so that they can live a happy life even after such a big blow in life.