Wearing a watch is one of the trending forms of fashion among most people in the recent past. 

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It is always good to take your time and look for the best watch that will match your expectations, lifestyle and also personality, otherwise, you will have to return it or buy another one. 

Most people when buying a new watch encounter different challenges. 

Here are three things to consider before setting for which watch to buy;

1. Your budget

Before choosing on purchasing a new watch, ensure the cost is within your budget as you might end spending much money than you though you would. You can list all the features you want in your new watch and look for one which you have budgeted.

2. Materials

Once you want to purchase a watch, ensure you put into consideration the type of material you want. Ensure that you go for the best quality so that your watch will last longer. For instance, you can opt to buy leather, gold, silver, titanium, plastic or wood casings watch.

3.  The design

Most people choose to buy a watch just because they want their wrists occupied. They hence do not consider the design of the watch they buy. In case you want to have a watch that fits very well as well as goes along with your wardrobe, consider the shape of the watch, colour and also its size.