Children are a blessing from God and everybody desires to have one. 

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The best thing parents can offer their children is the best life and this begins by providing them with brain development. 

Here are some of the ways you can boost your baby's brain;


Once children are born, it is mandatory that they get breastfed for six months before weaning them. This is because the first milk contains colostrum which is good for brain development and boosts immunity.

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is one of the ways mothers can communicate with their children. Look at your child in the eyes when breastfeeding, playing with and when talking to him/her. 

Create songs

Children love and enjoy songs very much.  Once they master the song they can never forget it even up to old age. Am sure you also remember the song you were taught when you were a baby. Create songs for your children and sing with them always.

Talk to him/her

Your baby can be so small to talk but all you need to do is to always speak with him/her always. The child may not be able to understand what you are talking but be sure he/she is listening to you.

Let them be messy

Every child must be messy when playing or eating. You can not expect them to be clean always and behave like a mature person. Being messy while playing or eating is one way to make their brain active.