Advancement in technology has made it possible for women who cannot bear a child to be live a happy life through technological induced reproductive mechanisms.

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One of the most used reproductive technologies is In Vitro Fertilization-IVF. This technique involves the ovum undergoing fertilization by a sperm in the laboratory after which the embryo is placed back into the uterus.

Before you embark on this choice, keep the following things in mind;

1. Timing is everything

According to Fertility specialist Art Leader, IVF can be physically and emotionally stressful hence the women who wish to start on IVF treatment cycle should do adjustments on their schedules to make room for multiple clinic visits as well as minimize stress as much as possible.

2. Adopting a healthy diet is very important

Women who take a balanced diet and also take part in body fitness have more chances of success with IVF. Taking alcohol and smoking reduces the likelihood of conceiving.

Dr Rinku Mehta states that good nutrition, clean meals, regular exercises and avoidance of highly processed foods improve the pregnancy outcome.

3. There is no guarantee you will get pregnant

IVF does not work for everyone. Some become pregnant in the first attempt while others fail even after multiple attempts. Whether or not IVF is successful mostly depends on one's age.