A group of thugs was captured on surveillance cameras after breaking into one of the houses in Ganjoni, Mombasa County.

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The footage dated June 1, 2019, has emerged online which showed how the group of well-coordinated four men broke into a house before stealing proprieties of an unknown value.

In the video shared on Facebook, which has gone viral, a man in a cap is seen entering the premise from the parking lot and goes straight to the targeted door. He then goes back to the parking lot before alerting the other three men.

The three men then went to the spotted door and started different ways of unlocking the door barrier. They focused on unlocking the padlock using their master keys, at some point the two of the three men could be seen arguing over it after one wanted to grab the master key from the other.

They eventually managed to unlock the padlock after a few minutes of trying. The fourth man in a black t-shirt is then captured as he tried to unlock in the inner door-barrier locker.

For about ten minutes of trying with different master keys, they managed to break into the house. They moved from one room to the other as they robbed anything they considered valuable.

Surprisingly, one of them, the first man, was seen making calls during the process, as he moved to rooms, raising concerns if it was a planned burglary from an informer. 

The video has since elicited mixed reactions on Facebook.


Here is the video shared by Mombasa County Government Watch, a Facebook page.