Embattled Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu's woes may have just doubled after a motion to establish an 11-member select committee to hear impeachment charges against him was defeated in favour of a whole plenary on Tuesday.

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The move came after questions were raised on the composition of the committee that was to be chaired by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala deputized by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika.

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and a section of senators allied to Jubilee's Tangatanga faction, wanted a special committee established and whose findings would largely determine Waititu's fate.

Waititu was impeached by Kiambu County Assembly MCAs on December 19, 2019, for gross violation of the Constitution, the County Government Act, the Public Finance Management Act, abuse of office and gross misconduct.

But as it is now, the Tangatanga faction attempt was defeated after Jubilee's Kieleweke ganged up with opposition senators to vote in favour of a plenary, a move that could have spelt doom and perhaps marked the beginning of the end of Waititu as Kiambu governor, for the following reasons;

1. Chances of compromising the whole plenary are close to null

It was argued that the 11-membership of the committee was 'disproportionately' formed in favour of Tangatanga group which could have likely done everything possible to save the governor at the committee stage is one of their own or after reaching a compromise with him.

This won't be the case though, meaning if Waititu had pegged his hopes there, he is back to square one.

2. Kieleweke vs Tangatanga supremacy battle

I need not say that the ever-escalating battle between the two Jubilee rival factions, culminated to the Senate finally settling for a plenary hearing on Tuesday. Jubilee being the majority party in the house, while united, can pass any motion. But this was not the case as it was Kieleweke and Nasa on one side versus Tangatanga on the other.

As such, Waititu should be very wary and worried as this could have been a dawn signal of how dusk will look like just as Swahilis say, 'a good day is known in the 'morning', and I bet, the opposite holds.

3. Senate may use Waititu's impeachment to redeem its image

The Senate was left with an egg on the face after its impeachment of Embu Governor Martin Wambora was overturned by the Supreme Court on the ground that it was conducted shoddily among others. 

Having been 'given' another opportunity to redeem the house's image, you can be sure that the senators may be very thorough on the chopping board to ensure that they are not ashamed by the Supreme Court again. But this will only be possible if party and faction politics are kept at bay.