Weddings are phenomenal and it is a joy for most people to be united in the bands of marriage through a wedding.

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With it though, comes challenging times - weddings can be an expensive affair - but can also be managed if all factors are considered.

Here's how to save money when planning for your wedding;

1. Negotiate the packages

Do not feel shy when bargaining with your service providers to cut costs of the goods or services they will be offering you. To save money, you can also opt for the deals with discounts or even offers.

2. Choose a wedding venue that does not require much decoration 

To save on the costs of decoration, go for a wedding venue that does not require a lot of decorating because adds a huge burden on the budget. 

3. Choose to hold the ceremony and reception in the same venue 

Holding your wedding ceremony in the same venue where the wedding takes place helps save more money other than having different venues for different things.