It is always joy and happiness for most women when they realise they are expecting a child. Even though the pregnancy journey, labour and delivery stages can be filled with anxiety, holding the baby in their arms is a dream come true for most women. 

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However, there are different things such as the changes that will occur in their bodies that some women are never aware of until they experience them.

Here are three things no one will tell you about postpartum recovery.

1. There will be more contractions

Once you deliver, the uterus will work out to shrink and be back in place so that it acquires its normal size. This will result in numerous and painful contractions that might end up leaving you in discomfort or even in tears.

2. Inability to hold pee long enough before reaching the toilet

No one will tell you that once you have delivered you might lose the ability to firmly control your bladder muscles before reaching the toilet to empty it out. You might end up peeing on yourself at times. Losing bladder control will also make you pee on yourself when you either laugh, cough or sneeze.

3. The soaking night sweats

After welcoming your little angel, your body hormones will adjust to normal and this will make you sweat more and you might end up soaking your sheets. The level of estrogen drops hence affecting your body's temperature regulation. Since you will be sweating a lot, you might also end up smelling weird if you do not maintain high standards of hygiene.