Exiled lawyer and author Miguna Miguna has discredited claims by ODM party leader Raila Odinga that he is worth Sh2 billion.

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Miguna claimed the former Prime Minister is a wealthy politician whose net worth is almost quarter a trillion.

The vocal lawyer claimed Raila owns multi-billion properties and cited his palatial home in Riat Hills in Kisumu County which he estimated to be worth more than one billion and a half. 

He also noted the ODM boss has invested heavily in the hospitality industry, claiming he owns three hotels in Kisumu city worth more than Sh10 billion.

"He has more than Sh200 Billion. His Riat Palace alone is worth more than Sh1.5B. The 3 hotels in Kisumu are worth more than Sh10B, etc," he said.

In an interview aired live on NTV Sunday night, Raila said the Odinga's family net worth is Sh2 billion which is in form of property and company shares.

“People say I’m very rich. I am not rich. I am just about Sh2 billion which we own collectively as the Odinga family,” he said.

Noting his Karen home is worth Sh300 million, the former Prime Minister further dismissed claims that they inherited massive wealth from their father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, who was Kenya's first vice president.

“Our father Odinga died a poor man. There is nothing we inherited from him as his children. It must be remembered that throughout his life that he was in government for only two and a half years,” Raila said.