Bongo Flavor star Ali Kiba alias King Kiba of Kings Music Record label has been beaten by his rivals Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso.

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A recent report of a number of views Tanzanian artists attracted on YouTube since they launched the platform released on Thursday by Swahili Times listed Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) Records founder Diamond Platnumz at the top.

Diamond emerged at the top with 749.8 million lifetime views as of November 20, 2019. 

In the second position was Harmonize alias Kondeboy, who recently ditched WCB Wasafi to start his own record label dubbed 'Kondeboy Worldwide'.

Harmonize until November 20, 2019, had attracted up to 305.4 million viewers.

Interestingly, Ali Kiba only managed to appear at position five on the list, even after him being the first one to join YouTube than the rest, for he was the first to hit in Bongo music.

He only managed to gain 103.8 million views on YouTube as compared to Mbosso who sits at position four and managed to gain 129.6 million views.

It should be remembered that Mbosso's YouTube channel is the most recent for he was working under a music group, Ya Moto Band, which had three other artists and was running a joint channel.

He launched an individual channel when he joined WCB Wasafi at the start of 2018, which raises questions of how he has managed to overtake Ali Kiba.

More so, Ali Kiba started singing when very fewer people were into social media. There were limited smart phones, limited internet acess and name them, which might be one of the reasons why he did not gain huge views.

A quick scan on Ali Kiba's channel reveals that his ever great views he gained on YouTube was on his 'Mwana' hit song which had 19 million views and Mbosso's 'Hodari' had over 20 million.

Rayavanny is another WCB star who beat Ali Kiba, he pops up at number three with 214 million views.