Veteran politician Koigi Wamwere has questioned President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, over their intentions regarding the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). 

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In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Koigi said it seems impossible for the two leaders to live up to the expectations of Kenyans.

He posed several question to President Kenyatta on the unity of the counntry, adding that the president lacks 'the ideology of nationalism'.

"Uhuru says he has no interest in politics and all he wants with BBI is to stitch Kenya together and then leave. But will he? Will BBI unite Kenyans by giving people government and political jobs on merit, or ethnically to mollify ethnic elites and communities in the name of ethnic inclusivity and diversity?" he posed

"Will Uhuru unite Kenya before or after he leaves office if as some people say, he is too young to go home in 2022? Will Uhuru leave government before or upon expiry of his presidential term? How will Uhuru unite Kenya without the ideology of nationalism which he never mentions?" he added.

President Kenyatta was in Nakuru, Koigi's hometown early this week, where he reiterated his plan to leave a united country after his term expires.

The Head of State noted that as his term slowly comes to an end, one of is main focus is to unite the nation, and no form on intimidation or insults will deter him from the course.