The times have changed, social media has now turned out to be a platform that is being used by both young people and adults. 

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For adults, some of them get into an extreme of doing the unthinkable by stalking their dates on social media. You might be stalking your partner without you knowing, but here are signs to help you see that you are stalking your spouse.

1. You spend a lot of time during a given period of talking to your friends about what he or she was doing or saying on social media

If you know that you waste a lot of your time discussing with your friends about the things that your partner posts on social media, then know that you are a stalker.

2. You often feel bothered or upset by something you’ve seen on social media.

Do you feel bothered or get upset whenever you read your partner’s posts? If so, then that is a clear sign that you’ve been stalking your partner, and you don’t like seeing them posting on social media.

3. You keep sending private messages to your partner via the social media platform

When one feels that his or her partner might be cheating on them, one is likely to be tempted to be sending private messages to them to get them red-handed. If you do this, then know that you are stalking your date.