Political analyst Dennis Anyonka has termed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report a controversial document marred with trickery.

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Speaking on Monday, the commentator said that first of all, the released document might not be the actual and intended one, and a new and more detailed one might be on the way.

According to Anyonka, its notable that the document came out without preferred amendments like the expanded executive, which could be hidden in the second report.

He suggested that the BBI taskforce might have been instructed to produce the document in its current state, to convince all politicians into backing it, before amendments are made.

"It's possible that the BBI taskforce released a controversial report so that it can be embraced so that when it's taken to Kenyans it will be hard to reject the new one. (Huenda BBI taskforce walileta report controversial ili kila mtu aembrace kisha ikienda kwa wananchi ingine itokee. Itakuwa vigumu sasa kuipinga maana wote wameikubali)," he said on Radio Maisha.

He said that the report has since managed to woo members of the Tangatanga faction which was initially opposed to the BBI issue, which according to him, was part of the plan.

"Tangatanga wants to retain governance in its current state, they want the report passed because it is basically empty without any major changes on governance," he added.

The team is allied to Deputy President William Ruto, whose 2022 presidential bid is in the public domain, and who has also thrown his weight behind the report.