Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan alias the Boss Lady has said that she has never had an intimate relationship with Bongo star Ali Kiba aka King Kiba.

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Zari who parted ways with Diamond Platnumz stated that she had talked to Kiba through a video call when she was in Kenya.

Speaking during an interview with Ayo TV in her series which was shared on YouTube on August 9, Zari said that she was in Kenya where she had been hosted by Kenyan singer-cum-businesswoman Akothee when she held a video call with King Kiba.

She said that together with Akothee, they were looking for guys who would help them in their mission to empower women in Kenya and beyond in their women conference agenda when they decided to reach out to Kiba for his support.

However, people interpreted it differently, where they said she was hooking up with Diamond's rival as a way of hurting the 'Sikomi' hitmaker after their breakup.

No, I did speak to Ali Kiba on video while I was in Kenya because..tulikuwa na Akothee still, tukamwambia (I was with Akothee and we told King Kiba)) we have something big coming up you know, we don't mind you supporting us, we are just trying to empower women in one way or another and unajua ukikuja on board, and he was like okey, give me details, let me see what I can do,...that was the only thing I said to him, so there is nothing, no sexual relationship, no intimacy," Zari said.   

Zari and Akothee's women conference is set to kick off on August 23.