Political temperatures inside Jubilee party are accelerating day in day out. 

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Part of the reason is the manner in which DP Ruto’s confidants feel that the war on graft is being applied selectively.

On the other hand, politicians allied to the Uhuru-Raila friendship have maintained that the war on graft is not calming down soon.

DP Ruto is under pressure to maintain his loyalty to president Uhuru Kenyatta. In addition, the DP is obliged to please his confidants.

He can not come in public and tell his hit men to stop attacking Uhuru’s government and he can’t also openly criticize the president since it will be undiplomatic.

The DP is between a rock and a hard place maintaining friendship with his allies and loyalty to his boss.The DP is in a total jolt and must play his cards well.

Despite frequently assuring the president that he fully rallies behind him and that he is a proud deputy president, his allies are speaking a different language.

The DP is definitely between a rock and a hard place as far as maintaining his loyalty to Uhuru and his confidants is concerned.

Despite president Uhuru Kenyatta condemning the politicians who have commenced politicking about 2022, DP Ruto’s camp has kept on lobbying for his presidential bid.

That is another hard nut to crack for the DP.

It is a little bit difficult for the DP to boldly tell his political allies to stop lobbying for his 2022 presidential aspirations since it is early.

The DP has a hard job of pleasing his confidants and at the same time maintaining high loyalty to his boss.

That is definitely a tough job since most of his confidants e.g Oscar Sudi have launched anti-government attacks.