When one falls in love, it takes time to fully affirm whether you are prepared to get engaged or not. 

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It is always important to know when you are prepared to be engaged so that you can cope up swiftly with the transition when someone decides to propose. 

Here are signs you are ready to get engaged:

1. You bring out the best in one another

Before one gets engaged, it is crucial to confirm whether you and your partner suit each other. One way of knowing that you are suitable for each other is when you bring the best out of each other.

2. You can talk about anything

One of the most crucial thing that engaged couples should have between them is the act of being free with each other. If you can freely discuss anything with your spouse, then know that you are ready to be engaged. 

3. You have similar values  

There are things we value in our lives. What you value can make or break the love affair at the end of the day. If you realize that you are sharing similar values, then you are meant to be together for the rest of your life. The benefits will make your love life stronger.