The Kenya Meteorological Department has released the weather outlook for the next five days.

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In a tweet on Thursday, the weatherman said that parts of the country would receive moderate rainfall.

The western and Central Rift Valley would be pounded by enhanced rainfall during the last 2 days of the forecast five days.


General Outlook: Moderate rainfall is expected over the several parts of the country throughout the forecast period.Enhanced rainfall is expected over Western and Central Rift Valley during the last two days of the forecast period, " the meteorological department wrote in its Thursday tweet.

From Thursday night to Friday night, the western, southwestern, and the central highlands in the country would receive rainfall, the weather department said in another update.


Valid from 9.00 pm tonight to 9.00 pm tomorrow 24th January 2020 

Rainfall expected over several places in western, southeastern and parts of central highlands of the Country, " the meteorological department added in another tweet.

The last few weeks have borne witness to intermittent rainfall as opposed to sustained rainfall that has resulted in floods and landslides.

The capital Nairobi has been pounded by moderate rainfall for the last few weeks punctuated by spells of sunshine.