Video games are an electronic game which involves the interaction of the user to generate feedback. 

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Common video games include racing, fighting, sports games and action games. 

As much as these games are exciting, helps in fighting depression and can make you more creative they have an effect on you. 

Video games have the following negative effect when you play it for so long;

They cause addiction

Addiction is a habit that is hard to break once one is used to it and fighting it is so hard. Video games also can make you have an addiction to it. You can not sleep without playing at least one video game and when you wake up, it is the first thing you think of.

They affect your eyes

More light to your eyes can cause an effect on them. The light produced from the screen can affect your eyes when you stare at the screen for so long. It can cause pain or staining in your eyes.

Effect to your brain

Did you know that you can actually trigger your brain by playing video games for so long? Yeah, video games have a negative effect on your brain. People who spend more time playing video games are on high risks to lose memory.