The ongoing evictions of Mau settlers put President Uhuru Kenyatta's 2017 promises in question, Kipkelion West Member of Parliament Hillary Kosgei has said.

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Speaking on Wednesday, the MP joined his colleagues opposed to the evictions, saying that they are being done right under Uhuru's nose, a few years after his promise to prevent such.

The MP said that while on a vote hunting mission ahead of the 2017 polls, the President said that no body would be evicted if he was elected, which is now not the case.

"When Uhuru came to Mau in 2017 he said that people will not be evicted if he is elected (Uhuru alipokuja pale Mau 2017 alisema watu hawataondolewa pale iwapo atachaguliwa)," he said on Radio Maisha's Bunge La Maisha.

According to the MP, this raises questions as the complete opposite of the promise is now being witnessed, with the president silent as the Environment Ministry causes terror.

He termed the safety of the persons residing in the water tower as the only reason why they wholeheartedly voted him, shunning his rival then Raila Odinga of the NASA alliance.

"Hii ndio sababu the former Prime Minister alikuwa anapata kura mbili ama sufuri kwa poling stations," he added.

This translates to: "This is why the former Prime Minister (Raila) was getting either two or zero votes per polling stations."

And though the group of leaders from the Rift Valley region has out up a spirited fight to prevent the evictions, Environment CS Keriako Tobiko has insisted that the job must be done.

According to him and leaders from the Maasai community, there is dire need to rid the forest of destructive elements who have been interfering with the environment.