Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has said former Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu was impeached for allegedly being part of Tanga Tanga brigade.

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Speaking on Thursday at Chematundu, Nandi County, the senator praised the judiciary for postponing the swearing-in of Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro as the county boss.

"I want to thank the court for refusing to be part of an illegal process of swearing in the Deputy Governor of Kiambu County by the name James Nyoro. Because an injustice had been done in the Senate. The reason Ferdinand Waititu, alias 'Baba Yao' was impeached is not because he messed anything in Kiambu, it is because of being politically persecuted for being one of the Tanga Tanga members," Charargei noted.

He praised the judiciary saying the law requires a governor to be sworn in office after 10 days which was not the case.

"I want to thank the court because by standing wit section 10 and 11 of the County Government's act, that says after the gazette notice you must take 10 days before swearing of a governor. Am proud today as the chair of justice, legal affairs and human rights in the Senate that I'm proud of our judiciary, that they have decided to stand with fairness and justice  for the people of Kiambu, for governor Waititu and Kenyans at large," he added.

Nyoro was supposed to be sworn in on Thursday as the new Kiambu Governor but the swearing-in ceremony had to be postponed after the judge who was to commission the ceremony failed to turn up.