Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has been dared to deface ODM party offices in Bungoma County.

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In recent weeks, Barasa has been going ballistic against the Orange party, accusing sections of its members of intimidation and harassment.

ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale on Monday warned Barasa against attempts to deface the party offices in Bungoma.

"Didmus Barasa, just try and make good your threats ndiyo utajuwa Kibra ilikuwa tu kuguza paka. Deface any ODM office in Bungoma ndiyo utajuwa kuingiza kidole kwa msamba wa kobe ni taabu," he wrote.

On Saturday, Barasa threatened to deface the ODM offices, demanding that the party members of Raila Odinga's team return his trademark cap which he lost in Kibra.

"I've seen ODM deputy party leader Wycliffe Oparanya leave hurriedly after his speech. I wanted to send him to his ODM brigade about how terrible I feel about the loss of my most valuable trademark cap but let me send you, newsmen, to do so," he said amid laughter from the crowd.

"I want Oparanya to tell whoever has my cap to hand it back to me within three days. Failure to do so, I'll lead the closing of all ODM offices in Bungoma. If Raila wants to bring his demeaning behaviour to Mulembe people, we'll not accept. Let him know Bungoma is our bedroom."