A pastor based in Mombasa was arraigned in court on Tuesday for allegedly detaining his wife for three months. 

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According to KTN, the clergyman locked up the wife to prevent her from interacting with church members and the community. Court narrations revealed that he only freed his wife at night when he came back home.

The victim, Hellen Chelanga, appeared before Mombasa-based judge Joshua Nyarike and narrated how the man of God, Evans Munyenyo, chose to lock her up in their home for three months. 

Chelanga explained that their 15-year-old marriage started crumbling when a Community Based Organization (CBO) appointed her as a social worker.

According to one of the Bishop's faithful, Florence Agai, who testified before the court, she said that Munyenyo's decision was aimed at stopping Chelanga from coming home late after visiting sick church members. 

Another faithful, Ephraim Amugune, stated that they were scared after the Bishop's wife stopped attending church services.

The court was told that Munyenyo locked Chelanga in their house from morning to evening. He only offered her a bucket to relieve herself.

The revelation has soiled the reputation of clergymen who the society expects to be a good example of the beauty of marriage life. In the past, some have been alleged to even prey on faithful.